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Attending academic or business events (e.g. workshop, conference, webinars, etc.) is a professionally rewarding experience; and to listen to the presentations and to converse with other experts/researchers in these fields. The objective of this assignment is to have first-hand insights into Quality and Lean Six Sigma topics, and talk to peers and academic people about the best tools/practices.

it is required to attend at least 3 hours of events relating quality management and Lean Six Sigma. These can be mixed-up events, for example 1 hour from a workshop and 2 hours from a conference. A pre-recorded Webinar may be acceptable, but contact your Professor via email to discuss the Webinar you have in mind. These events may include, but not limit to a: workshop, conference, webinar, and/or training.

The final products created for this assignment will be a 2-3 page summary of questions & answers (Word document using Times NW, font 12, single space).  Your work will consist of:

1) organization’s name, and URL address hosting the event,

2) event’s title and date/time,

3) name and work title of the speaker(s),

4) summary of the speaker(s)’s presentation, and

5) your comments/suggestion on the event; these may include how you feel about the presenter, facility, food, and what they can improve to make the event better

 u should present major points from Assignment Four – Attending Workship/Seminar/Conference. You can summarize from your writing and create 5 PPT slides.