Ann Harris


Due Wednesday, Week 8 – 100 Points)

Your  post-Session assignment involves the ministry or church that you  selected for your Pre-Session assignment.  You may select the whole  ministry or church as the target for this assignment, but you may also  narrow the focus of the Post-Session assignment to a strategic portion  of the church or ministry that would benefit from your consulting  advice.  In a paper of at least 15 – 20 pages:

Take the ministry or church you  selected for the Pre-Session assignment and assume the role of a  ministry consultant, hired as a change agent, to bring about specific  transformation in that ministry.  Students are encouraged to approach  key leadership in the selected ministry or church, about a formal  consulting agreement.  If the church or ministry selected is one where  you have major leadership responsibility, students are encouraged to  approach peer leadership with a formal consulting arrangement.  Inform  the ministry or church that this work is part of a Doctor of Ministry  course on vision, mobilization, and management.  If possible, draw up a formal consulting agreement with terms and expectations.
Meet with  the stakeholders (leadership, some of the congregants or ministry  recipients) as a reality check to confirm your ideas for change and  transformation.  Record a summary of your findings.
Describe current  state of the ministry, the status of its core directives, its ability  to mobilize, deploy, and direct human and financial resources from both  your standpoint, and the standpoint of key stakeholders.
Propose specific  changes that you would suggest in the church or ministry, based on the  reading materials, textbook questions and discussion forums, class  lectures, and peer discussions you have experienced in class.  Look for  areas that are leadership-needy or could benefit from structured change  and transformation, that might remove roadblocks to growth, or create a  pathway for renewal, transformation, or wholeness. 
Produce an  assessment of the core directives for that church and ministry,  including assessment of their effectiveness, specificity, integration  into church or ministry life, means of communication, and other key  necessities.  Propose changes that might aid the church or ministry in  transforming these key distinctives into a more cogent, clear, and  effective tool to guide.
Assess the  effectiveness of the mobilization in the church or ministry as it now  stands, relative to the implementation of the core directives and  available pool of human and financial resources.  Suggest changes that  might catalyze more effective mobilization of these resources.
Create a  strategic plan that ties core directives to mobilization goals and  produces more efficient management of the resources available to the  ministry.
Produce a  summary document, PowerPoint, or other presentation that can be given  or shown to the church or ministry stockholders as a product of your  consultation.
Report on any positive or negative results or feedback you receive from the stakeholders

This  assignment has been created to demonstrate your ability to synthesize  class lecture, reading, discussion, and resources into a real-world  solution for church and ministry needs, based on your understanding of  the importance of vision, mobilization, and management.  It also places  you in the role of a real-world contributing teacher (doctor) of  ministry by allowing you to be a catalyst for positive change and  transformation in local church and ministry.