“Advocacy And Action Plan”

 Instructions Be sure to review the assignment rubric to prepare and finalize your plan. Complete all of the following steps. Submit both the written plan and presentation document (e.g., PowerPoint and videotape). A. Identify one issue from one of two sources: i. The 2017 status of children in your home state or another chosen state (Children’s Defense Fund Annual “Children in the States Fact Sheets”) OR ii. Your environmental observation and documentation review research (i.e., visit to a center, family child care program or early elementary classroom) B. Connect the issue to one of the five Strengthening Families Protective Factors. Write an explicit description of the issue and the connection to a protective factor. The five protective factors are: i. parental resilience, ii. social connections, iii. concrete support in times of need, iv. knowledge of parenting and child development, and v. social and emotional competence of children. C. Present your advocacy position Explain why you have selected this issue and the need to advocate for change. Apply:  i. one sociological theory,  ii. at least two fundamental course concepts