Advanced Toxicology

The skin is one of the largest organs of the body. It is also the body’s first line of defense for protection against foreign agents and toxicants. Recall a time that you encountered an acute or chronic skin reaction from an environmental toxicant from the region in which you reside. What were the main symptoms of exposure? If you have never had such an experience, then discuss an environmental or industrial toxicant that is present in the region where you reside that may cause toxicity to the skin and the symptoms that might be expected. What do you think are the most effective safeguards against exposure to this toxicant?


I live in central Illinois – When I first read about this, the first thought that came into my head was poison ivy. I know it is not restricted to my area alone. I have never had poison ivy, but my husband has. I guess my skin just does not react to it like others do. The oil that is in the leaves touches the skin, often times leaves a rash with blisters. My husban has thinner skin and he had gotten it all over his legs from walking in the bursh at the back end of our property. He legs were covered in red splotchy rash with blisters and he says that it is very itchy and can at some times be painful. I think that the most effective safeguard to put into place would be to make sure your skin is completely covered so that there is no exposure to the plant. 

I find it interesting that some people are sensative to it while others are not. I question what makes this possible.. is it that we all have different oils in/on our skin that some it provides protection? I guess the same question could be asked why are some prople allergic to things while others arent.