5 page assessment

GOOD and evil DRAFT

I once heard the late Christian Apologist (A person who presents arguments for the existence of God) Ravi Zacharias say that when he talked to “young” people, many of them would initially deny the existence of a deity, but none of them denied the existence of evil.  Zacharias would then go to argue that both Good and Evil cannot exist without a God.  I bring this up, not in an attempt to sway you toward or away from religion, but to point out that these questions are still being asked, investigated, and argued. For many living people these are the important questions. And from our readings it is clear that questions of right and wrong were important to the writer of the Iliad and the Inferno.


For this 5 page paper, I would like you to investigate the concepts of right and wrong and relate them to our readings. Feel free to use the terms Good and Evil or right and wrong, or all four.  What is Good and What is Evil?  What does it mean to DO Good? What does it mean to DO Evil? You can think of the two previous questions in relationship to others, as well as to one’s self. Are there qualities in common that DOERS of Evil possess?  Are there qualities in common that DOERS of Good possess?  Use evidence from both texts to support your answer.