• From Hero to Humble (this is just one item that is selected from exhibit 1.2e for discussion….all the others are important to but this one along with the cowboy code are the things to focus on that you need to respond to in the form a discussion board for week 1)

 Another shift is the move from celebrating the “leader-as-hero” to recognizing the hard-working behind-the-scenes leader who quietly builds a strong enduring company by supporting and developing others rather than touting his or her own abilities and successes. One reason for the shift from hero to humble is that it is less and less realistic for an individual leader to meet all the challenges a team or organization faces in a complex and rapidly changing world. Another is that ambitious, highly self-confident, charismatic leaders have been at the forefront of some of the ethical scandals and business failures of recent years.

Consider This: 

Question 1: (Page 11 and 12) Should Leaders Live by the cowboy/girl Code?

Question 2: (Page 12 and 13) Can you become a Level 5 leader? What is it about and why may it help you in your career?

 A cowboy/girl (from this point on, cowboy refers to  both female and mail) never takes unfair advantage—even of an enemy.

A cowboy never goes back on his word or betrays a trust.

A cowboy always tells the truth.

A cowboy is kind and gentle with children, the elderly, and animals.

A cowboy is free from racial or religious prejudice.

A cowboy is always helpful and lends a hand when anyone is in trouble.

A cowboy is a good worker.

A cowboy stays clean in thought, speech, action, and personal habits.

A cowboy respects womanhood/[manhood], parents, and the laws of his nation.

A cowboy is a patriot to his country.

These leaders are characterized by an almost complete lack of ego, coupled with a fierce resolve to do what is best for the organization. They accept full responsibility for mistakes, poor results, or failures, but they typically give credit for successes to other people.


How can you relate to the cowboy/girl code in the work that you do, your personal life, and your dedication to your country? One page APA. Use the attached file.