300 group 2


  1. In your first assignment you completed an extensive internal and external analysis of the firm of your choice. In this section you will use that information to analyze two opportunities that your firm must exploit utilizing their strengths. It’s important that you use the information from the first assignment to complete this. For instance, internal factors such as value chain, VRIO and their mission, vision, and values must be critically looked at and used as you develop your plan for exploiting the opportunities you have identified.
  2. In this section you will continue to use the information from the first assignment. Your objective is to discuss two weaknesses that the firm must overcome as they try to exploit the above mentioned opportunities. Describe specific ways in which you will overcome these weaknesses. Are there financial implications to these actions? What possible resistance do you anticipate as you take these actions?
  3.  As you discuss the changes outlined above in questions 1 and 2, who will you entrust as leaders to carry these changes? Do you trust the incumbent leadership team, the CEO, the board? Why? Regardless of your opinion suggest two changes in the firm’s leadership team and why these personnel changes make sense given the strategic changes you have identified in questions 1 and 2?
  4. Discuss the talent development need for the changes you are suggesting in questions 1 and 2. Are there diversity issues you need to address? Develop a plan for talent development and diversity initiatives using the frameworks discussed in chapters 11, 12, and 13.
  5. You completed the third assignment individually. It’s time to compare notes and describe the organizational structure of your firm using appropriate frameworks. Is your firm’s organizational structure appropriate for the changes you suggest in questions 1 and 2? What changes will you make to improve the structure that allows you to better implement your suggestions in questions 1 and 2.