10 slide powerpoint needed in 18 hours

the company is 3M

  1. You are also required to prepare a brief PowerPoint file of no more than 10 slides (do not exceed) for the SEC-10K Report.
  2. Make sure you include a reference list in APA format. (does not count toward 10 slide total – should be the final slide)

PowerPoint Presentation

  1. You are also required to prepare a brief PowerPoint draft and post it to Peer Review of SEC 10K Project: Post Your Draft. Please use the PowerPoint Slide Notes (located below the slide itself – not on the slide itself) to “say” what you would say if you were in the classroom giving the presentation to the class.  The notes section is the place to explain your numbers, discuss the analysis, relate the weekly learning activities from the homework/reading material to the SEC 10k project, and say anything else about the company you came across that you think is valuable for this project. Your presentation in the notes section should be on each slide including the introduction slide. Notes are not required for the reference page slide as it is not included in the slide count.


Report Layout

  1. Write a 2- to 3-page ( a full page typically has at least 500 words) report, single spaced, one-inch margins, 12-point font, with a double space between paragraphs.
  2. Please keep your report to no more than 4 pages.
  3. Page count does NOT include title page, tables and exhibits, table of contents, and reference list.
  4. Include a title page (include your name on the title page). Use headings in your report such as Accounts Receivable and Inventory (topics from the textbook); other examples would be Balance Sheet and Income Statement.
  5. Include a brief introduction of your company as well as a conclusion/summary at the end. The bulk of your report should cover the accounting topics in Weeks 1 through 5. (Course material from the class as well as the discussion postings. Consider using definitions of Assets, Liabilities, Equities, Gross Profit, Gross Profit Percentage, etc to help explain what the amounts mean and why they are important.)
  6. You will also be required to include the Income Statement and Balance Sheet as an attachment to your report. You can cut and paste directly from the SEC 10-K Report for these. (Only the Income Statement and Balance Sheet should be copy/pasted from the financial statements as an exhibit at the end of the report. All paragraphs and writing should be in your own words.) These are considered attachments and are not part of the required page count for the report.
  7. All graphs, tables, or charts you wish to include in the report should be included as an exhibit at the end of the paper. These should not be inside the paragraphs. These are considered attachments and are not part of the required page count for the report.
  8. APA style is required for citations and a reference list. Include in text citations. The reference list is the most important. If you are unsure of APA style you can use the PurdueOwl website or the UMUC websites for assistance.
  9. Your report should use one-inch margins on the left, right, top, and bottom of each page, and font set at 12 point.


  1. Visit the Accounting Toolbox in the Course Content > Course Resources of the ACCT 220 LEO classroom. The Accounting Toolbox is a constant resource in our UMUC undergraduate accounting courses.
  2. Links and explanations to assist you with this report may appear in this resource.
  3. Additional information will be posted on SEC Project: Request a Corporation to Study posting .