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We are currently experiencing an unprecedented situation of panic an mayhem. Most of us alive today have not experienced this before. Naturally, we are not prepared to handle this emergency effectively. Misinformation may spread the virus faster than anything else. At the same time, this is a learning opportunity for all of us, especially the younger generation who will live this memory longer and have the responsibility of building something amazing out of this. Please read the following articles to prepare for this discussion board:

Avoid misinformation in times of crisis Stanford Education

Countering False Information on Social Media in Disasters and Emergencies Department of Health & Human Services

How to Deal With a Crisis of Misinformation

In this discussion post, you will write about (40 points) :

1. What are the common communication problems that are taking place right now? For example: attenuation or amplification of risk due to hearsay, false claims, misinformation, misinterpretation of information, inappropriate online memes, lack of public understanding of science.

2. Provide two examples from media where any of the above-mentioned communication issues have taken place. Elaborate your answer. Provide links to the original media sources wherever appropriate.

3. What are the responsibilities we have right now as common citizens? Reflecting on the lessons from our class, how can we handle information better? How can we share information better?